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Update by user Dec 22, 2011 has refunded my order and apologized so I am withdrawing my complaint. Thank you.

Original review posted by user Dec 22, 2011

I ordered from this company on Dec 5th, a week before their Christmas deadline. I didn't hear anything so I continually tried to follow up but most of my correspondence was ignored.

One time I was told there was a good change I would get my order. real professional. I was told it shipped and was given a tracking number which was for a package that was delivered in the beginning of Nov. I alerted them and they just said sorry we will let you know when it ships.

I emailed back could I please pay overnight to ensure it would be delivered for christmas - no response. I check today and it shipped yesterday and now will arrive dec 28th which does me NO good.

Mind you this company has no phone number that you can call or live chat. UNPROFESSIONAL and I will never order again.

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I too ordered from them and spent $400.00 to receive a comforter that had a huge hole in it. I was told it would be remade just to receive the same blanket with it sewn closed which looks awful and it does not lay flat - waste of money!



I know you didn't get paid. My issue is this website doesn't print on the main page that the customer's complaint was resolved… as it has been in your case.

According to your dates your order took 11-12 business days to ship instead of the normal 7 on standard order. You did not think to ask for express freight till after it had been shipped. Was yours a complex print job that took them extra time?

You've also said you wrote your review because they weren't trying to help you. I don't understand this. By that point, they had already made and shipped your item, so there was nothing more they could do?

Look, I went online today to write my own review. I got a custom order made and shipped to Australian within 10 days, and 10 days was all I had. I found your review, and felt to respond.

I had also left my order late, I DID choose express freight, but if there were any complexities, or glitches? I was going to miss out.

I hope I would have been pragmatic about it if that had happened and done something like wrap up a picture of the present and present it with a laugh, rather than rushing to the internet to write a scathing review. In truth though… I might had done this.

But my main point is - I did not write in to badmouth you. I wrote in to complain this site does not mark complaints as resolved on the main page. I am sorry I have upset you, it wasn't my intention.


I made no money on my complaint about this store. I was a legit consumer and if you bother to read my post, you will see that I ordered before the deadline.

The company did all that I said and their customer service sucked. It was not until I started posting negative reviews everywhere that they paid any attention to me and finally gave me my money back.

This website does not allow you to remove your review so that is a problems. But I don't appreciate your comments about something you know nothing about.


This is ***. The customer complains, the store fixed the problem.... but I had to click through to the 2nd page to see they had resolved it?

What a terrible website this is - lucky for Vision Bedding I clicked through to this page.

Looking at the dates of this review? I am betting the customer ordered a custom made item right before xmas and was unhappy it was not made and delivered within 24 hours?

Nice work, expect the impossible then badmouth a business unable to achieve it. Even worse, is pissed consumer leaving this clearly vexatious complaint live - I assume its to keep making money from the adsense

#395733 has answered my complaint and has refunded my money so I am taking my complaint back

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